[Zebralist] newbie question regarding offset error

John Fitzgibbon jfitzgibbon at Galwaylibrary.ie
Tue Dec 9 11:19:50 CET 2003


I am very new to Zebra. I have retrieved Marc records from the BNB and stored them in a file, in a directory called myfiles. I run zebraidx using the following syntax

zebraidx update ./myfiles -d mydatabase -l ./myfiles/mylog.txt

(I earlier created the mydatabase database with 'zebraidx update create mydatabase'.)

I am getting the following error in mylog.txt.

09:37:37-09/12: [log] zebra_end_trans
09:37:37-09/12: [log] sorting section 1
09:37:37-09/12: [log] writing section 1
09:37:37-09/12: [log] finished section 1
09:37:37-09/12: [fatal] Inconsistent register at offset 8184

 I try it with different MARC records (I overwrite the same file) but the error persists but the offset number changes. Where should I look for the source of this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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