[Zebralist] project facilitation

Franklin Bodunrin franbod2 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 18 03:08:10 CET 2002

Pardon the abruptness and the liberty of this  
letter; It is due to its exigency. 

I am a government functionary in my country. I 
Represent a caucus in need of a foreign partner to 
assist in the transfer of US$17.85M (Seventeen 
million Eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars) at 
the  first instance.  The key issues are the transfer 
and the subsequent Investment of the  sum. You know 
this would require a great amount of trust And  
confidentiality, considering the amount of money 
involved and our  positions in government.

We are ready to offer you a percentage for your 
assistance in the transfer and a negotiable fee if 
you can put together a portfolio for investment. 
All we need is your trustworthiness and your 
capability to protect our interest. 

Please note that we shall go through the legal 
procedures entailed in our  laws and international 
laws in transferring the funds to you in trust.
The  source of the money is authoritative.
I wish that you would take the essence of this Letter 
in strict confidence.  
You can reach me immediately for us to commence 
dialogue on the modi operandi entailed first, by 
email at franklinbodunrin at lycos.com  in earnest. 
Thank you for your courtesy.
Best regards, 
Franklin Bodunrin

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