[Zebralist] Problem getting zebra 1.1 working on RH Linux 7.2

Neil Prockter n.prockter at lse.ac.uk
Tue Jan 8 13:32:21 CET 2002

Hello Simon
I have it running on rh7.2. I think the key is not to alter the makefile 
but instead to have the readline41 and readline2.2.1 packages installed. 
It should compile fine.
As for 2 dababases what is your zebra.conf? / how did you index?

Original Message dated 08/01/02, 12:07:29
Author: "Mcleish,S" <S.Mcleish at lse.ac.uk>
Re: [Zebralist] Problem getting zebra 1.1 working on RH Linux 7.2:

Has anyone got zebra 1.1 working on a RH Linux 7.2 machine (using gcc v. 
3.02/ glibc 2.2.4 and yaz 1.8.3)? I got it to compile after editing some 
the makefiles manually so that the history library was included every 
the readline library is included (i.e. I replaced "-lreadline" with 
"-lreadline -lhistory"). 
Then I get the following behaviour: 
* each time zebraidx is run, it thinks that it's adding all the records 
as new 
* if only one database is set up, searching it returns sensible results 
when a second database is indexed - I used the usmarc and gils one 
together - 
the first database gives "[109] Database unavailable -- v2 addinfo 
and the second gives "[114] Unsupported Use attribute -- v2 addinfo 
for the simple "find surficial" search 
* The same happens with databases which worked fine with zebra v 1.0b1 on 
alpha machine. (Replacing this machine, now out of warranty, is the 
motivation for doing this.) 
Has anyone got any suggestions? 
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