[Yazlist] Simple question to start the server Z39

Boucher St├ęphane boucherstephane at mideel.fr
Thu Nov 19 10:46:24 UTC 2020

I am not a programmer but an administrator.
I'm trying to configure the Z39.50 server of the PMB software. It is 
based on the YAZ library.

The only documentation concerning the Z39 server of PMB is this one: 
https://www.amelycor.fr/pmb/zserver/guide.pdf (French software so in French)

It mentions only the yaz-ztest command to start the server.

But by reading your documentation 
(https://software.indexdata.com/yaz/doc/yaz-ztest.html), I understand 
that yaz-ztest only allows testing. I deduce that whatever the database 
it indicates (example db.myDB), yaz-ztest will ignore it and will send 
me only results from its test set.
Is this correct ?

In this case, what is the command to use to start the real Z39 server 
and not the test server ?

My question may sound stupid to you. But, I can't find any resources on 
the French net and very few on the US net. As for the developers of the 
PMB software, they don't answer for the moment.

For information, here are the commands I use for my tests.

The Z39 server :
usr/local/bin/yaz-ztest -c ./zserver.ini tcp:localhost:210

with this configuration file zserver.ini :
#Configuration file for the z3950 server
#Parameters for the http PMB gateway
#Z3950 server settings

The client: sudo /usr/local/bin/yaz-client tcp:localhost:210/db.lourdes

And if I go through PMB's interface, the client works too.

My OS is Debian10.

Thanks for your help.
Best regards

St├ęphane Boucher

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