[Yazlist] YAZ 5.20.3 available

Adam Dickmeiss adam at indexdata.dk
Mon Mar 27 09:11:59 UTC 2017

YAZ 5.20.3 is available. It's been a while since we announced releases.
Here are the changes since 5.20.0:

--- 5.20.3 2017/03/27

rdf-lookup: fix misleading log on rdf-failures YAZ-884
The HTTP response is only logged if - after removing leading
whitespace - it is non-empty. rdf-lookup failures are always
logged via yaz_log at level YLOG_LOG. As before XML comments
are controlled by the debug property.

--- 5.20.2 2017/02/20

Add documentation for <param> tag in xslt retrieval facility doc

comstack: Pass portable value to shutdown

comstack: Fix compilation error if getaddrinfo does not exist

--- 5.20.1 2017/01/13

DLL export wrbuf_malloc_info

Fix typo in yaz-record-conv man page

Describe "method" attribute for rdf-lookup
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