[Yazlist] SRW client curiosity

Jakub Skoczen jakub at indexdata.dk
Thu Jul 21 13:45:46 UTC 2016

Try dumping the requests/responses by enabling the APDU log. It may provide more information about this curious behaviour.

> On 15 Jul 2016, at 15:27, Ashley Sanders <Ashley.Sanders at jisc.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hello,
> more of a Friday question than a Yaz question; but I wondered if anyone knew why an SRW client would always send a query twice (simultaneously), the first time as HTTP/1.0 and the second as HTTP/1.1?
> I’m seeing lots of the following in the Yaz log of our server (I’m ignoring the pointless boolean-OR query for now): 
> 13:33:21-15/07 [request] GET /copac?operation=searchRetrieve&version=1.1&query=dc.resourceIdentifier="9781626194717%22+or+bath.isbn%3D%229781626194717%22&maximumRecords=20&recordSchema=mods HTTP/1.0
> 13:33:21-15/07 [request] SRWSearch copac OK 0 - 1+0 cql: dc.resourceIdentifier="9781626194717" or bath.isbn="9781626194717"
> 13:33:21-15/07 [request] GET /copac?operation=searchRetrieve&version=1.1&query=dc.resourceIdentifier="9781626194717%22+or+bath.isbn%3D%229781626194717%22&maximumRecords=20&recordSchema=mods HTTP/1.1
> 13:33:21-15/07 [request] SRWSearch copac OK 0 - 1+0 cql: dc.resourceIdentifier="9781626194717" or bath.isbn=“9781626194717"
> It’s sort of like the "Postman Always Rings Twice", except it’s "My SRW Client always sends the query twice." If I can track down who’s doing this, I’d like to ask them to please stop doing it and sort their client out. Unfortunately I can see no indication in the Yaz log as to what the client software is. (I’ve got the IP address.)
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