[Yazlist] support facets over SimpleServer SRU

Michael Lackhoff lackhoff at zbmed.de
Thu Jul 21 05:29:38 UTC 2016

Thanks Ray,

> See  http://docs.oasis-open.org/search-ws/searchRetrieve/v1.0/os/part3-sru2.0/searchRetrieve-v1.0-os-part3-sru2.0.html#_Toc324162454 
> For an example.

I have seen it but am still far from the info I need to implement a
- The link to "see XML for Faceted Results" leads nowhere (even with
Javascript enabled). After lots of digging I found a Dutch document that
has an example (I don't know Dutch but could make some sense of it), but...
- Even if I had an XML example I did not know how to deliver it from
SimpleServer. It has to be embedded within the response correctly. I
tried to pass the XML-string from the Dutch friends but that didn't
work. I obviously need an array_ref with the correct inner structure
which is not yet documented.
- I still don't understand the facet-parameters. E.g. there is no
"facetField" parameter. How can I request a facet over a specific field?
With "facetLimit"? Looks odd to me.

The whole field seeems to suffer from serious lack of documentation and
tutorials. The end result may well be that we write our own proprietary
web service. A situation a standard like SRU was created to avoid.
(But perhaps we find an agreement with IndexData to overcome my/our lack
of insight. We will see).


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