[Yazlist] support facets over SimpleServer SRU

Mike Taylor mike at indexdata.com
Wed Jul 20 10:58:51 UTC 2016

Hi. Michael,

You are right that this facility is not really documented. Sorry about that.

At this stage, to create that documentation, I'd have to do the same
as you: read the source, figure out what is going on, and write it up.
I'd be happy to do that, but since it's a non-trivial amount of work,
we'd need you to have a YAZ support contract to cover our costs.
Alternatively, if you figure it out yourself and add the relevant
documentation, please send us a pull request, and we can bring it into
the core code.


-- Mike.

On 20 July 2016 at 10:36, Michael Lackhoff <lackhoff at zbmed.de> wrote:
>> And what is even more important, I found no real info how I can return
>> the facets to the client. It must be integrated into the response(-XML)
>> somehow but I have no idea how to achieve this.
>> There seems to be a parameter "OUTPUTFACETS" that sounds like it could
>> be used to contain the facets but nothing about the expected format or
>> structure (XML string? Hash-ref? something else?)
> looks like it has to be an arrayref but my understanding of the source
> is not good enough to determine what has to go into the arrayref.
> At least I managed to crash it with a naive
> $args->{OUTPUTFACETS} = [ 'foo' => 2 ];
> I found it very astonishing that Google showed no hit at all, except
> from the SimpleServer source. Is this really so rarely used?
> Perhaps because it is not documented? ;-)
> Would really appreciate any hint
> -Michael
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