[Yazlist] Is it possible to have an additional parameter in simpleserver SRU request?

Michael Lackhoff lackhoff at zbmed.de
Wed Jul 13 09:22:34 UTC 2016


I have a requirement to process queries with Simpleserver that consist
of two parts: (1) the end-user query and (2) a filter that is used for
authorization (a long list of journal-ids).
It would be helpful if I could pass the filter as a seperate parameter
to the backend, not as part of the query.
Is there an easy way to allow/define such an addtional parameter (like
"&fq=...") for the SRU-Interface of Simpleserver or do I have to parse
the query and do the separation manually?

A naive test resulted in an error message but perhaps it is possible to
configure the additional parameter somewhere?

Related question: Since the ID-list is quite long. What is the maximum
length of an SRU request in Simpleserver? Does it support post-requests?


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