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Tim Thompson timathom at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 04:04:20 UTC 2015


I have installed the Metaproxy SPARQL module and succeeded in running some
queries against a locally installed triplestore (Fuseki). Disclaimer: this
is my first time using Metaproxy, and my experience with Z39.50 and related
technologies is limited. However, from what I've seen so far, I think that
this and the companion MP-XQuery module certainly have the potential to
help ease the transition from MARC to BIBFRAME.

The MP-XQuery module makes sense to me and "just works," but I'm still
having trouble wrapping my head around MP-SPARQL. Reading the
documentation, I have a few questions; specifically:

1. What is a "database" in the context of MP-SPARQL? The demo config file
that ships with the module code contains several filters that refer to
different databases ("thing," "smallindex," etc.), but I don't understand
whether these are actual databases or just ad-hoc handles for a particular

When I start Metaproxy and try to reference one of these databases, I get
an error for anything but the "Default" database.

2. What are the available values for the @schema attribute? The
documentation references "sparql-results" and "rdf" (the latter returning
RDF/XML). Does the MP-SPARQL module support content negotiation or any
non-XML RDF serializations?

3. In the prefix element, the URI for the RDF namespace is provided, but
the RDF/XML response that I get is returning a dummy prefix for RDF
elements (Fuseki gives me j.0:RDF as the root element, for example). The
BIBFRAME prefix resolves correctly. Any idea why this is happening?

Thank you in advance for your time.


Tim A. Thompson
Metadata Librarian (Spanish/Portuguese Specialty)
Princeton University Library
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