[Yazlist] Multi-database search with different routes

Michael Lackhoff lackhoff at zbmed.de
Tue Mar 25 15:47:35 UTC 2014

Just a little question/suggestion for a possible optimization.

I worked around the restriction that only databases with the same route
are allowed in a multi-target database setting with this little trick:

<filter type="virt_db">
  <virtual route="fremd">
<filter  type="multi"/>

I used the "fremd" route to normalize that database so that I can call
it by a recursive link to the same metaproxy instance (localhost:9000)
within "all".

As I said that works fine so no real need for a new feature but it might
save a few cycles if such a recursive call would be allowed without
going over the network interface, perhaps with a setting like
<target>self/dbame</target> which would just feed the incoming call to
the top of the processing chain.

Of course one has to take care not to create any loops but that goes
without saying.

Just a little suggestion, I am happy anyway ;-)))

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