[Yazlist] Zebra Swag

Sebastian Hammer quinn at indexdata.com
Tue Mar 25 15:30:58 UTC 2014

[apologies for cross-posting]

What can I say... the first release of Zebra was made in November of
1995, a bit more than a year after we started Index Data. As we come up
on our 20th anniversary this summer, we think of various little ways to
celebrate our time together...

Oddly enough, an indexing engine built from the ground up around the
Z39.50 protocol never changed the world quite as much as we once
imagined it would. But we have been part of some amazing projects thanks
to Zebra, and it's led on us many cool adventures over the years.

Strangely though, the little logo we made for it -- based on a scanned
pencil drawing created for us by my baby sister (a veterinary student at
the time) and digitized in a resolution suitable for the mid-nineties --
has taken on a life of its own, and it often pops up when people look
around for pictures of Zebras on the internet. As a result, the chubby
little Zebra has produced a few fun encounters of its own, not to
mention quite a bit of non-work-related traffic to the website.

Indeed, because our respective families understood 'Zebra' much better
than they understood 'information retrieval' or 'Z39.50', some of us
have found ourselves fair inundated with Zebra-related toys and
memorabilia over the years!

So in a spirit of fun, we spent some time re-digitizing the drawing in a
better resolution (although the old one is still on the website as
well), and put up a store -- mostly to satisfy our own cravings. But we
figure there might be some out there who'd like to have something to
remember the old Zebra by:



Sebastian Hammer, Index Data
quinn at indexdata.com

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