[Yazlist] Is it possible to allow both CCL and Z39.50 queries?

Michael Lackhoff lackhoff at zbmed.de
Mon Mar 24 18:52:43 UTC 2014

> DIAG 108 "converion from Query to XML failed"

I think this is the real problem. It is not the stylesheet but the
creation of the XML the stylesheet could work on.

But if this is the case, I think there is a bug (beside the typo ;-)).
If the query_rewrite filter does not work with CCL queries I think it
should be skipped if the querytype is CCL.

The query_rewrite docu says:
The Type-1 query is translated into an XML representation, transformed
by an XSLT stylesheet whose path
is specified in the filter configuration’s <xslt> element, then
translated back into a Type-1 query.

Then, if the query is not Type-1, the filter should not try to process it.

Or is my understanding totally wrong?


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