[Yazlist] YAZ 5.0.21 available

Michael Lackhoff lackhoff at zbmed.de
Fri Mar 21 19:36:05 UTC 2014

On 21.03.2014 19:41 Adam Dickmeiss wrote:

> The solrmarc is not a format in 5.0.21. Rather it's a conversion step.
> Example from test_record_conv.c:
>     <backend>
>         <solrmarc/>
>         <marc"
>                         outputcharset="utf-8"
>                         inputcharset="marc-8"
>                         outputformat="marcxml"
>                         inputformat="marc"
>          />
>     </backend>
> In your case an <xslt> step will be inserted before solrmarc to dig out 
> the solrmarc string from the XML response.

I don't understand. Is the <xslt> implicit? How are then special cases
handled (see my mails to possible variants: other field name or other
record type)?

And from the code above it looks as if <solrmarc/> would output marc-8
(since the following <marc> has an inputcharset marc-8). If so, why? I
think it is UTF-8 most of the time (always?) Is it possible to set a
charset in <solrmarc/>?

The first version could handle all of these easily.


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