[Yazlist] zoom client and estimated result set size

Ashley Sanders a.sanders at manchester.ac.uk
Thu Mar 20 10:54:12 UTC 2014


First question of two related to estimated result sets...

is is possible in the ZOOM client API to tell if a Z39.50 result set size
was an estimated size. Perhaps there’s an option I can read with ZOOM_resultset_option_get()?

And just to check I’ve got things right. Here’s the APDU log of a search response
with what I believe to be an estimated size; I think it’s the "resultSetStatus 4”
that says it’s estimated.

searchResponse {
    resultCount 134
    numberOfRecordsReturned 0
    nextResultSetPosition 1
    searchStatus TRUE
    resultSetStatus 4

Many thanks,

Ashley Sanders a.sanders at manchester.ac.uk
http://copac.ac.uk -- A Mimas service funded by JISC at the University of Manchester

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