[Yazlist] support for solrmarc?

Ashley Sanders a.sanders at manchester.ac.uk
Tue Mar 18 17:22:47 UTC 2014


> As you know from my recent posts I am trying to return MARC from a Solr
> index that contains data produced by solrmarc (s. an example record at
> the bottom of this mail).
> To be able to embed an ISO-2709 record in XML the solrmarc people made
> one minor but decicive change: they replaced the separator characters
> that are illegal in XML with something very similar to an entity:
> &#1D; -> #29;  (record separator)
> &#1E; => #30;  (field separator)
> &#1F; => #31;  (subfield separator)
> But I cannot reverse this replacement with XSLT since the replacement
> characters would be illegal in XSLT as well.

Can you use XML 1.1 which allows use of control chars?

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