[Yazlist] getting my feet wet with metaproxy

Michael Lackhoff lackhoff at zbmed.de
Tue Mar 18 12:17:14 UTC 2014

Hi Sven,

>> But how do I get from RPN to the Solr query field?
> I had the same question as well and Adam gave some helpful answers on them a while ago:
> http://lists.indexdata.dk/pipermail/yazlist/2012-October/003566.html
> You can find a configuration I built based on this here:
> https://github.com/subugoe/metaproxy-SUB/blob/master/conf/zvdd/zvdd-route.xml

That's great, your expertise looks really amazing to me!

I hope that my limited XSLT knowledge is good enough to extract the MARC 
record from the SOLR-XML. If I get stuck, may I contact you off-list for 
some help (off-list since this is moving away from yaz and friends a 
bit)? But as I said, I will first try it myself.

For the time being I have just one question left: Is it possible to use 
the Solr stuff in a virt_db/multi-setting to query several databases in 

Thanks for your great help so far!

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