[Yazlist] getting my feet wet with metaproxy

Michael Lackhoff lackhoff at zbmed.de
Mon Mar 17 20:54:23 UTC 2014

Now that I have a working metaproxy to play with the possibilities seem
endless but I must admit that I find it a bit difficult to understand
everthing in the docs.
First to the config-solr.xml example file. If I understand it right, I
can use the query types CCL (e.g. ti=something) and CQL(e.g.
dc.title=something) I tested both with yaz-client and it works fine.
Is it also possible to use RPN? If yes, where is the mapping defined?
Is my understanding correct that this line:
<cclmap_ti>u=title t=z</cclmap_ti>
maps from CCL (ti) to Solr (title)
and this setting:
<fieldmap cql="dc.title" ccl="ti"/>
maps from CQL to CCL
But how do I get from RPN to the Solr query field?

Another question is about the result in proper MARC. Many Solr-indexes
might need a special conversion but there is also the special case of
(standard) Vufind. These have the complete original MARC record within
one field ("fullrecord").
My idea is to have two internally totally different targets (a Vufind
index and a Z39.50 target like voyager) act absolutely identical both
for query (RPN) and response (MARC-record).

And to make things perfect, provided that the above is possible, is it
also possible to query both in parallel with virt_db and multi? Or is
this impossible since the routes have to be different?
If it is possible, how would an example look like?

Reading the whole thing again I fear my question is not very clear.
Basically I would like to query a Vufind index and several normal Z39.50
targets in parallel with the same query and get results from all of them
in a single answer as normal MARC records. Is this possible? Or do I
have to put a simpleserver in front of Vufind?


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