[Yazlist] Metaproxy 1.4.5 available

Adam Dickmeiss adam at indexdata.dk
Fri Mar 14 12:56:52 UTC 2014

Metaproxy 1.4.5 is available. Changes since 1.4.4:

http_rewrite: use local skiplist; fixes memory corruption. MP-520

http_client: x-forwarded-for controls X-Forwarded-For presence
If x-forwarded-for setting (boolean) is enabled, http_client will
generate an X-Forwarded-For header entry which includes existing
X-Forwarded-For (if any) and current peer address (immediate client
of Metaproxy). By default x-forwarded-for disabled and X-Forwarded-For
will not be generated.

z3950_client: client_ip controls client-IP presence
If client_ip setting (boolean) is enabled, z3950_client will
generate a client_ip OID as part of init request which includes
previous client_ip (if any) and current peer address (immediate
client of Metaproxy). By default client_ip is disabled and client_ip
will not be generated.

HTTP X-Forwarded-For/Z39.50 Client-IP support
virt_db, multi: relays Z39.50 client-IP.
sru_z3950: converts X-Forwarded-For header to Z39.50 client-IP.
zoom: uses Client-IP or origin address (prefer Client-IP).
frontend_net: Strips tcp: from peer address (so that it is no longer
printed and stripped in zoom filter).
z3950_client: builds client-IP list - combining immediate peer address
as returned by COMSTACK and existing client-IP list (if avaiable).
The Origin only printes first X-Forwarded address.

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