[Yazlist] Two remarks on pz2.js

Sven-S. Porst ssp-lists at earthlingsoft.net
Fri Mar 7 10:43:48 UTC 2014

> 1. ActiveX support was removed to simplify the code as we no longer
> test pz2.js on IE6 and we wanted to untested code paths. If this is a
> deal-breaker for you we can re-introduce,

This would make sense to me.

In particular, (as I had to find out the hard way) the issue is not limited to IE6. It turns out that newer IE versions do have modes of operation which will deactivate the XMLHttpRequest object. As we cannot control these aspects of the browser behaviour, having the fallback in place is helpful.

> just keep in mind that CORS
> is not supported in ActiveX.

Not a problem for me, but worth noting!

> 2. Sounds good.

Great, thanks.


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