[Yazlist] Yaz on CentOS

Adam Dickmeiss adam at indexdata.dk
Thu Mar 6 10:00:21 UTC 2014

On 03/05/2014 06:46 PM, Tsakonas Giannis wrote:
> Dear Adam
> thank you for the enlightening response. We managed to progress, yet 
> we faced another one problem.
> We executed 'yum install php-devel' and then 'pecl install yaz'. At 
> the end of this command we were asked to define the yaz installation 
> path. Autodetect didn't work out and lead to failure.
> We installed gcc because it seemed that there wasn't any C compiler 
> and we manually moved on following the instructions found at 
> http://forums.eukhost.com/f29/installing-yaz-php-extension-using-pecl-failing-7775/

By default 'configure' followed by 'make install' will install virtually 
all software in /usr/local prefix.

Specifically for YAZ, that's programs such as yaz-config, yaz-client, 
yaz-ztest in

If you enjoy building YAZ by hand and want to install it in /usr/local, 
you should probably consider getting /usr/local/bin in your PATH. That 
would make
   pecl install yaz
work - out of the box.

If you, on the other hand, would just like to install YAZ in the 
"system" directories /usr/bin, consider just getting YAZ as package. 
Then you don't need to tweak PATH  or any other path for that matter.

You still need to do
   pecl install yaz

to compile and install *PHPYAZ*.

/ Adam
> -bash-3.2# cd /usr/local/src/
> -bash-3.2# wget http://ftp.indexdata.dk/pub/yaz/yaz-3.0.49.tar.gz
> -bash-3.2# tar xzf yaz-3.0.49.tar.gz
> -bash-3.2# cd yaz-3.0.49
> -bash-3.2# ./configure
> ....
> -bash-3.2# make
> ....
> -bash-3.2# make install
> ....
> -bash-3.2# cd ztest/
> -bash-3.2# ./yaz-ztest&
> We restarted apache (service httpd restart) and tested our query 
> forms. Still nothing.
> Now we have the folder 'yaz-3.0.49' in '/usr/local/src'. The folder 
> 'yaz-3.0.49' has the files 'yaz-config' and 'config.log' that 
> according to the error messages we received were essential (previously 
> unavailable). It seems that the inability to find out the yaz 
> installation path is critical to proceed and add the extensions.
> With kind regards
> G
> Not enough.
> yum install yaz
> installs yaz-client .. YAZ utilities
> yum install libyaz-devel
> installs YAZ development libraries for C
> yum install php-pear
> installs pear
> Now you also need to actually install PHP/YAZ. Perhaps you also need:
> yum install php-devel
> And, finally, compile PHP/YAZ itself:
> pecl install yaz
> You can now add extension=yaz.so to php.ini
> YAZ is now available to php cli and, perhaps, other PHP interfaces..
> / Adam
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