[Yazlist] pazpar2, solr and truncation

Thomas Fox thomas.fox at seitenbau.com
Fri Jan 3 09:32:06 UTC 2014

Thanks, Adam, for your quick reply.

Using more experimentation, I finally managed it to work using t=z (this is the one setting I apparently left out in yesterday's testing :-( ).
Just to document the other settings I have tried: Both t=l,r,b and t=x fail, because the PQF cannot be converted to SOLR syntax.

For t=l,r,b still only right truncation (america?) works, but not left truncation (?america) or both (?merica?):
The latter two give HTTP 417: Malformed parameter value and the logs says (for ?america)
10:02:48-03/01 pazpar2 00b72a33de7f0000 [log] Client localhost:8080/solr/biblio/select: CCL query: ?america limit:
10:02:48-03/01 pazpar2 00b72a33de7f0000 [loglevel] returning NO log bit for 'odr'
10:02:48-03/01 pazpar2 00b72a33de7f0000 [log] Session 1: PQF for Client localhost:8080/solr/biblio/select: @attr 5=2 @attr 1=title america
10:02:48-03/01 pazpar2 00b72a33de7f0000 [warn] Failed to generate SOLR query, code=-1

For t=x and searching for *merica*, the logs say

10:19:20-03/01 pazpar2 00d7006dd37f0000 [log] Session 1: PQF for Client localhost:8080/solr/biblio/select: @attr 5=102 @attr 1=title .*merica.*
10:19:20-03/01 pazpar2 00d7006dd37f0000 [warn] Failed to generate SOLR query, code=-1

  Thanks again for your help and sorry for bothering you,


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On 01/02/2014 11:56 AM, Thomas Fox wrote:
> Dear pazpar2 experts,
> I have a question regarding pazpar2 and truncation.
> My pazpar2 intallation is configured to query a solr index, and I'd like to allow truncation everywhere in the queries.
> Upon reading [1], I have managed to get right truncation to work, e.g. using the configuration
>    <set name="pz:cclmap:term" value="1=title t=r"/>
> and issuing the pazpqr2 command (%3F is URL encoding for ?)
>    http://.../search.pz2?session=8&command=search&query=america%3F
> pazpar2 retrieves the titles which contain the right-truncated word america (e.g. america, american etc) (which is expected)
> When not using a wildcard in the query, e.g
>    http://.../search.pz2?session=8&command=search&query=america
> pazpar2 retrieves all titles which contain the word america, but not american etc... (which is also expected)
> However, I do not get any other truncation mode from [2] to work.
> Expecially, if I set
>    <set name="pz:cclmap:term" value="1=title t=b"/>
> and re-issue the pazpar2 command
>    http://.../search.pz2?session=8&command=search&query=america%3F
> pazpar2 gives me a HTTP error 417 and says "Malformed parameter value" in the response.
> All I can find in the pazpar2 logs is
>    ...
>    ...[warn] Session 1: Client localhost:8080/solr/biblio/select: Failed to parse CCL query 'america?'
>    ...
>    ...[warn] HTTP 417 Malformed parameter value: query
>    ...[log] Response: 0.00074 7 /search.pz2?session=1&command=search&query=america%3F
>    ...
> Just experimenting, I get the same behaviour with t=l and querying for ?merica, in fact the only truncation mode I get working is t=r.
> Is there anything I can do about this ?
would only allow ?america?



to support all three combos. See also 

Guess the manual should have some examples of that.. :-)

>     Thanks in advance,
>        Thomas
> [1] http://lists.indexdata.dk/pipermail/yazlist/2009-January/002638.html
> [2] http://www.indexdata.com/yaz/doc/tools.html Table 7.1 and 7.2
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