[Yazlist] SRU query with truncation gives error

Michael Lackhoff lackhoff at zbmed.de
Wed Apr 30 12:35:22 UTC 2014

On 30.04.2014 13:58 Adam Dickmeiss wrote:

> If you like the default behavior to be "word" search, then just change 
> this to
> structure.*  =   4=2.

That's what I did after I saw what was going on.

>>      if (defined(my $trunc = $attributes->{5})) {
>>          if (($trunc == 1) && ($phrase == 1)) { # no trunc with phrase search
>>              die {errcode=>113, errstr=>5};
> 113 was an unfortunate diagnostic code in terms of how this was 
> diagnosed from SRU. It was mapped back to SRU diagnostic 10: syntax 
> error.. Which led, at least, me to believe there was a CQL parse error.

Is there a better code I should use instead?

> relation.adj     =
> There's nothing after = above. Then use
> structure.adj    = 4=1
> structure.*       = 4=2
> With this you'd have to specify
>   field adj "terms"
> to enable phrase search. 

Do you have an example URL how I would specify that in SRU? I have never
heard of this relation.adj before.

> I've been told that Solr 4 supports phrase 
> searches and truncation, btw.

We have a version provided by a vendor that doesn't support it (yet).

> You need readline development libraries (headers + .a files) when you 
> compile YAZ. Check the configure output to see if it finds it.

Thanks, I will try to get it.

I still have lots of questions but it looks really promising already.
Many thanks for your great support!


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