[Yazlist] Pazpar2 1.6.22 available

Adam Dickmeiss adam at indexdata.dk
Thu Oct 11 08:15:48 UTC 2012

Changes since 1.6.21:

Requires YAZ-4.2.40 to support native solr support.

Fix and improve logic handling whether or not to re-do search on sort
order changes. A sort order with change in ascending/descending only
whould not trigger a new search, which is required for targets with
native sorting capabilities. Each client is now checked if instructions
(sortmap) exist for native sorting and only client that does requires
it is researched. Other clients is just re-ingesting the records,
they already have. The resultset is now cleared if any researching
is done.

Connection sharing between session has broken since version 1.6.8 with
introduction of logic that would minimize searching if pazpar2 could
detect this based on same query and limits and partly sort order.
This could lead to segementations violations.

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