[Yazlist] Metaproxy 1.3.47 available

Adam Dickmeiss adam at indexdata.dk
Thu Oct 4 10:41:32 UTC 2012

Metaproxy 1.3.47 is available. Changes since last release:

For graceful stop (SIGUSR1), metaproxy will kill children processes.

Log when metaproxy is invoked in test mode (-t).

Log PID for each log message.

multi: combine both NSDs and multiple NSDs into one (diagnostics).

z3950_client: fixup multiple NSD's too. Like surrogate diagnostics, a 
(backend=target) is appended for each diagnostic so that can be
determined the origin of error.

multi: hideerrors also in use for present response.

Solr example in zoom man page.

Fix typo in query_rewrite config example.

Log at least first non surrogate diagnostic. Instead of 

multi: Fix check for opt Records in present response. A SEGV could occur 
if a target did not return records and no diagnostics.

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