[Yazlist] separating pazpar2 functionality

Radim Řehůřek me at radimrehurek.com
Fri Jun 8 20:59:57 CEST 2012

Hello all,

recently, I needed to separate the two functionalities that pazpar2 offers:

1. keep track of connections, targets, normalize records etc
2. build facets, perform ranking, merge records

I only need functionality 1., but not 2. -- kind of midway between yaz
and a full search engine.

I didn't find a good way to separate the two functionalities, so I
forked pazpar2 and created a new "ingest" command:

It returns a list of normalized records, a bit like the `show`
command, except the records are unmerged, plus they are always in the
same order as they were ingested by pazpar2 from remote targets
(incoming records are appended at the end). I made this functionality
optional, with `-i` cmdline argument switch. Other existing pz2
commands are not affected.

However, I am not expert on the pazpar2 codebase. I am not sure the
way I did this is optimal, or whether I missed something. I would
appreciate a code review/comments on the changes. The two main commits
are at https://github.com/piskvorky/pazpar2/commits/cmd_ingested .

This is just scratching my own itch, but if other people would find
this functionality useful (?), I am open to polishing this further.

Best regards,

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