[Yazlist] YAZ 4.2.34 available

Adam Dickmeiss adam at indexdata.dk
Thu Jun 7 15:34:12 CEST 2012

YAZ 4.2.34 is available. Changes since last release:

Add missing definitions ZOOM_resultset_get_facet_field_by_index
and ZOOM_resultset_facets_names.

zoom: fix bad free for ZOOM_connect - happened when ZOOM connection
options was in use.

Change APDU dump printing to avoid long leading blanks. For levels 16
or larger the level is shown and the indentation is truncated but
recursed with modula 8. This makes it still reasonable easy to read
- even for nested BER dumps.

Fix bug completeBER_n WRT too nested BER. Function completeBER_n could
return 0 (incomplete package) in case where the BER package was
considered too nested (return value of -2).

dumpber: lines of level 15 are not indented further. Two spaces per
indentation; indentation 15 or more is indented to a fixed indentation
and augmented with a level=<no> indication.

zoomsh: increase max size of command+args

GFS: No limit in RPN buf size in CQL to RPN conversion.

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