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Dennis Schafroth dennis at indexdata.com
Tue Mar 22 16:26:40 CET 2011

On 22/03/2011, at 16.11, Sieburgh,Wouter wrote:

> Hi
> I just started using yaz, and have some basic questions: I managed to compile the toolkit, and have the ztest binary running, I can connect to that using a yaz-client.
> Now I’d like to use that ztest as a starting point to make my own server, just to get some confidence.
> Therefore, I’m trying to find out what the set of files is that I should compile/link in order to get this ztest, I found out I need:
> dummy-opac.c,   read-marc.c ,  read-grs.c,  ztest.c
> I created a Makefile etc so that it compiles fine, but then: the function statserv_main is missing when I try to link the set of files.
> The only file implementing statserv_main I found was src/statserv.c. If I add this file however, I’m missing a lot of other externals again..
> I wonder if I’m on the right track here: is there another way to get the set of files to build ztest with?

Perhaps the gfs-example in the ztest directory is a cleaner starting point. You would need to include libyaz_server (and libyaz) to make a server.  

The Makefile in that directory should also tell your the dependencies for ztest. 

:-Dennis Schafroth

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