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Adam Dickmeiss adam at indexdata.dk
Tue Mar 22 15:07:09 CET 2011

On 2011-03-22 03:54, Steven Schwengel wrote:
> Greetings.
> Is there anyone who has been able to get PHP5-YAZ_1.0.7-2.i386 to work 
> in Debian Squeeze?
We took 1.0.14 source and moved it to our Git SCM .. Changed debian 
building a bit.. This works for me on Ubuntu Maverick ..

Get it from here:


(click on latest snapshot).

tar zxf phpyaz-db6f7d5b6fe8d...*.tar.gz
cd phpyaz
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
cd ..
sudo dpkg -i php5-yaz_1.0.14-1indexdata_amd64.deb

Please let us know if you succeed on Debian squeeze.

/ Adam

> Unfortunately, I can't get PHP5-YAZ to work on Debian Squeeze (it is 
> also not listed as Squeeze compatible on the IndexData website). I had 
> upgraded to Squeeze (complete clean install) and PHPYAZ is not working 
> for me.  Thankfully, my code was working in the previous version to 
> test out... The error message upon trying to install in Debian Squeeze 
> I'm getting on a i386 is:
> "
> php5-yaz is already the newest version.
> You might want to run 'apt-get' -f install' to correct these:
> The following packages have unmet dependencies:
>   php5-yaz : Depends:  libyaz2 (>= 2.1.18) but is not installable
> E:Unmet Dependencies.  Try 'apt-get -f install'
> "
> So for, I have tried installing the software a couple of different 
> methods from app-get to a command line install with dpkg and I have 
> not had much luck... Also, I cannot find copy of libyaz2 or using the 
> 'apt-get -f' install option as well does not bring me any closer. Any 
> help would be great.  I'm willing to learn something new in order to 
> track down what is up.  Any starter thoughts?  Hopefully I'm doing 
> something wrong that can be fixed...  I'd rather not have to downgrade 
> to Lenny, but I'm willing to downgrade it to fix my php-yaz 
> installation problem.
> Many Thanks,
> Steven S.
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