[Yazlist] Pazpar2 settings files and user-defined settings

Dennis Schafroth dennis at indexdata.com
Wed Aug 31 19:26:34 CEST 2011


It can be a bit daunting. Pazpar2 is a meta-searcher, using common "front-end", it can search different (kind of) targets at the same time and receive unified results. 

Since targets can be very different, it is required to map the front end queries (among others) an into queries that the targets understand. This is done with cclmaps settings. 

Settings is a group of such settings that are common for one or more targets. Since this is configuration for end targets, it isn't doesn't really make sense for front-ends to get hold of these and it won't. These are only relevant for targets. The result records, client will see what is defined in the service definition. 

It is possible for a front-end to configure new targets with new settings in a session with the settings command.

I would recommend to look edu.xml and and sru-voyger.xml. The first is a group of Z39.50 targets which will all use the same settings, the second is SRU based target, which has a very different ccl query language mapping into native query language. 

On 31/08/2011, at 17.38, Christensen, David A. (CHT) wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm having trouble getting my head around this :-)
> If you have a pazpar2 settings file like this:
> 	<settings target="123.456.789.012:210">
> 		<!-- This file introduces default settings for pazpar2 -->
> 		<!-- mapping for unqualified search -->
> 		<set name="pz:cclmap:term" value="u=1016 t=l,r s=al"/>
> 		<!-- field-specific mappings -->
> 		<set name="pz:cclmap:ti" value="u=4 s=al"/>
> 		<set name="pz:cclmap:su" value="u=21 s=al"/>
> 		<set name="pz:cclmap:isbn" value="u=7"/>
> 		<set name="pz:cclmap:issn" value="u=8"/>
> 		<set name="pz:cclmap:date" value="u=30 r=r"/>
> 		<!-- Retrieval settings -->
> 		<set name="pz:requestsyntax" value="marc21"/>
> 		<set name="pz:elements" value="F"/>
> 		<!-- Query encoding -->
> 		<set name="pz:queryencoding" value="iso-8859-1"/>
> 		<!-- Result normalization settings -->
> 		<set name="pz:nativesyntax" value="iso2709"/>
> 		<set name="pz:xslt" value="../etc/marc21.xsl"/>
> 	</settings>
> ...you could (can you?) add another name/value - such as, for example:  <set name="libraryopacurl" value="http://opac.somelibrary.org/"/>

If you want to add a new target the format within a settings: 

 <set target="acorn.library.vanderbilt.edu:2200/ACORN" name="pz:name" value="Vanderbilt U"/>

For SRU and Solr targets there exist a pz:extra_args setting which is appended to the HTTP GET request. I am not sure if this is what you mean.
> How would you access this new name/value pair from the client (i.e. example_client.js)?  I've been poking at it using Firebug, but can't for the life of me see where it ends up….

At the other end(s).


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