[Yazlist] Metaproxy SOLR record XSL transform

Ben Soares ben.soares at ed.ac.uk
Wed Aug 24 16:19:03 CEST 2011


I've managed to configure metaproxy to provide an SRU target onto a SOLR web 
service with moderate success.

I have two problems now:

1) I need to configure an XSL transform of the XML records coming back from 
SOLR before presenting them on in the SRU response.
I've tried various configurations, but the XSL transform in seems to be 
elementSetName triggered, and this is not something that exists for either an 
SRU frontend or a SOLR backend.

2) I have only been able to configure six CQL access-points/indexes using the 
six cclmap_* elements found in the torus/records/record element of a zoom 
filter.  Surely this is not a limitation, and there's another way to more 
generally define CQL indexes mapped to SOLR indexes?

Here's the zoom filter configuration I have so far:

	<filter type="zoom" id="mediahub_solr">
		<fieldmap cql="cql.anywhere" ccl="term"/>
		<fieldmap cql="cql.serverChoice" ccl="term"/>
		<fieldmap cql="dc.title" ccl="ti"/>
		<fieldmap cql="dc.subject" ccl="su"/>
		<fieldmap cql="mhub.collection" ccl="au"/>
		<fieldmap cql="dc.identifier" ccl="isbn"/>
		<fieldmap cql="dc.date" ccl="date"/>

		<fieldmap cql="title" ccl="ti"/>
		<fieldmap cql="subject" ccl="su"/>
		<fieldmap cql="collection" ccl="au"/>
		<fieldmap cql="identifier" ccl="isbn"/>
		<fieldmap cql="date" ccl="date"/>

		<torus url="http://obscured.to.protect.the.innocent:9999/solr" 
xsldir="/home/metaprxy/metaproxy/etc/xsl" element_transform="pz2" 
element_raw="raw" >

Any help would be very much appreciated!

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