[Yazlist] pazpar2 settings uploaded

Porst, Sven porst at sub.uni-goettingen.de
Tue Nov 9 11:55:47 CET 2010

Hi everybody,

as we've been fiddling a bit with pazpar2 recently and found that there
are very few example settings 'in the wild', we decided to publish our

To stay in tune with Indexdata's git setup, I uploaded my files to
github at


and will try to update this as work progresses.

Items in the repository that may be of interest:

* etc/SUB-xsl/MarcXML2TurboMarc.xsl - a stylesheet for converting Marc
XML to TurboMarc format: So one can benefit from the great work that has
gone into the tmarc.xsl stylesheet even when using servers not
supporting TurboMarc.

* A few changes to tmarc.xsl to make it work better in my setup (mostly
the Marc-format delivered by z3950.gbv.de). As far as I can tell, these
changes should be 'in the spirit' of the Marc-format, but I haven't got
much experience with the data actually sent by other servers.

* https://github.com/ssp/pazpar2/commit/e6c06c933
fixes what seems to be a typo in the source code that prevents wildcards
in settings files from working reliably.



Sven-S. Porst
SUB Göttingen, Bibliotheksinformationssysteme
Zimmer 2.38 . Platz der Göttinger Sieben 1 .  D-37073 Göttingen . +49-551-39x4255

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