[Yazlist] pazpar2 reversing order of metadata items?

Porst, Sven porst at sub.uni-goettingen.de
Fri Nov 5 11:37:41 CET 2010


it seems to me that pazpar2 reverses the order or metadata items, which
seems undesirable.


log output from pazpar2 gives a normalised record containing:

<pz:metadata type="author">Roggenbuck, Dirk.</pz:metadata>
<pz:metadata type="author-title"/>
<pz:metadata type="author-date"/>
<pz:metadata type="author">Laass, Martin W.,</pz:metadata>
<pz:metadata type="author-title"/>
<pz:metadata type="author-date"/>
<pz:metadata type="author">Büning, Carsten,</pz:metadata>
<pz:metadata type="author-title"/>
<pz:metadata type="author-date"/>
<pz:metadata type="author">Feist, Eugen,</pz:metadata>
<pz:metadata type="author-title"/>
<pz:metadata type="author-date"/>

... but the data search.pz2 sends to the browser are:

<md-author>Feist, Eugen</md-author>
<md-author>Büning, Carsten</md-author>
<md-author>Laass, Martin W</md-author>
<md-author>Roggenbuck, Dirk</md-author>

I.e. the data seem to be reversed.

Of course I can easily work around this issue by re-reversing  the order
before displaying the information. But it would seem beneficial to me if
pazpar2 didn't alter the order of the metadata to begin with.



Sven-S. Porst
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