[Yazlist] Pazpar2 and Wildcards

Sebastian Hammer quinn at indexdata.com
Wed Jan 14 19:50:15 CET 2009

When pazpar2 converts your searches to Z39.50, it uses the YAZ CCL 
parser. See http://indexdata.com/yaz/doc/tools.tkl#CCL

You can enable right-truncation for , say the default keyword search, by 
specifying something like

<set name="pz:cclmap:term" value="u=1016 t=r"/>

This can be done once in a default settings file, and tweaked and tuned 
for individual targets.

I think you should also be able to override the defualt truncation 
character (?) by saying

<set name="pz:cclmap:truncation" value="*"/> in your config.

All this can be specified either using the XML settings file or on the 
sly using the settings command in the webservice API.


Eric Bégin wrote:
> Hi there,
> http://indexdata.com/yaz/doc/tools.tkl#CCL
> Anybody knows how to use wildcards in the jsdemo sample?
> For exemple, I'd like to retrieve anything starting with "Amer".
> Another (trickier?) one would be anything that starts by "Bill G" (yes, 
> with the space, and quoted).  Not sure if this one is possible though.
> Thank you!
> Eric
> By the way, Pazpar2 really rocks!
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