[Yazlist] Options for implementing a Z39.50 Server against an Oracle database

Adam Dickmeiss adam at indexdata.dk
Wed Dec 16 14:48:19 CET 2009

John Zastrow wrote:
> Hello,
> We currently have an Oracle database with a bunch of citations we'd like 
> to make searchable by our internal Endnote users. This database is 
> currently populated and searchable through a .Net web interface.
Here some options :

1. Build your own Z39.50 server using the COMSTACK, Z-functions of YAZ : 

2. Build your server based on YAZ' Generic Frontend Server. Easy if you 
know C; Otherwise hard.

3. Implement a server based on simpleserver. 
http://www.indexdata.com/simpleserver . Easy if you're comfortable with 

4. Implement a server based on JZKit. Easy if you know how to read Java 
code (due to lack of doc). Hard otherwise.

You should be able to get in touch with Oracle in all cases.. C, Java, Perl.

/ Adam

> We've been told that we must implement a z39.50 server to allow Endnote 
> to directly query the database and we'd prefer to not mix in additional 
> technologies (we'd prefer .Net, but Java may be acceptable as a separate 
> service). What are our current options for implementing a server against 
> this database? Please ask any questions so that I might clarify.
> Thanks!
> John
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