[Yazlist] YAZ 3.0.51 available

Adam Dickmeiss adam at indexdata.dk
Wed Dec 2 22:20:03 CET 2009

YAZ 3.0.51 is available - in source and packaged for Debian/Ubuntu 
amd64/i386. This might be the last release in the YAZ 3 series. YAZ 4 
will use 64-bit BER integers and it will be binary incompatible with YAZ 
3, but 99% source compatible.

Changes since YAZ 3.0.50 release:

tcpip comstack: Remove TCP receiver buffer optimizations for Solaris.

tcpip comstack: fix leak for getaddrinfo.

Encoding of SRU database is performed by yaz_encode_sru_dbpath_odr or 
yaz_encode_sru_dbpath_buf. Now used by yaz-client and the ZOOM API. 
Decoding of SRU "path" database is performed by private function
yaz_decode_sru_dbpath_odr . This in turn is used by yaz_srw_decode and 
yaz_sru_decode in server applications, GFS, yazproxy, metaproxy.

yaz-client: honor base command for SRU. Change when database setting is 
applied for SRU and ensure it is kept when a connection is reset. Change 
also the way errors are displayed or SRU (decoding of packages).

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