[Yazlist] Linux compiler failures for V3.0.34

Gary Anderson ganderson at bslw.com
Tue Sep 30 00:43:35 CEST 2008

With my Linux c++ compiler, I am getting invalid conversion errors (void 
to decoder_data*) on lines 54, 113, 246, 255, and 269 in 
iconv_decode_marc8.c.  If I explicitly type cast these, the errors go 
A similar problem exists in iconv_encode_iso_8859_1.c on lines 138, 196, 
216, and 231.  Again, explicit type casting solves the problem.
iconv_encode_marc8.c shows the problem on lines 53., 337, 385, 392, 399 
and 423.

May I suggest that in each of these cases, an explicit type cast be 
added to the code to get rid of these errors?

Gary L. Anderson

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