[Yazlist] Can't restart pazpar2 server after initial success

Christopher Morgan morgan at acm.org
Tue Sep 23 14:30:31 CEST 2008

Pazpar2 is working now. I hadn't waited long enough for the server to
process the entire list of connections in edu.xml. (By the way, I *had*
enabled the Apache proxy via a2enmode proxy_http.) 

To avoid problems in the future, what's the proper way to stop the pazpar2

- Chris

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I recently installed pazpar2 (on Debian etch) and set up the test1
interface. I copied the test1 directory files to my server's html directory,
then went to /etc/pazpar2 and executed:

pazpar2 -f pazpar2.cfg -t edu.xml

Pazpar2 started up and I was able to retrieve hits in my browser -- pazpar2
is very impressive with its asynchronous behavior and extremely fast
retrieval speed!  (I was surprised that it worked without my having to set
up reverse proxy mode in Apache). 

Everything was going fine, then for some reason it stopped working. I wasn't
getting any hits, and the browser was stuck in "Status Initializing" mode. I
tried to restart the pazpar2 server, but got an error message that port 8000
was already in use. I changed the port number in the .cfg file to 9000, and
then it started. This worked for a while, then it stopped working again. (I
suspect I hadn't stopped the first instance of pazpar2). Finally, I rebooted
the entire server to see if that would help, but I still couldn't get any
hits in my browser after pazpar2 seemed to start up again. 

I then tried to kill any current pazpar2 process with:

kill `cat /var/run/pazpar2.pid`

This seemed to kill pazpar2, since repeating this command gave:

kill: (1262) - No such process

I restarted pazpar2 again, and it seemed to start normally, but I still got
no hits, and the browser continued to freeze up (I got the same results with
IE and Safari, so I suspect the problem isn't with the browser).

I'd appreciate any help you can give me - especially since I'm so tantalized
by the software that I want to get it working again!

- Chris Morgan

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