[Yazlist] Best directory to install Yaz?

Mike Taylor mike at indexdata.com
Tue Sep 9 10:38:04 CEST 2008

Christopher Morgan writes:
 > In the past I've installed Yaz on my web site in different
 > directories at different times, and it has worked fine in each
 > location. Is there a preferred directory to install it to that
 > would optimize performance and/or minimize possible problems?

Hi, Chris.  It will make no difference to performance where you
install YAZ; for convenience, you'll probably want to install it
somewhere that the standard build tools can see it, which on most
systems means either /usr or /usr/local.  Our Debian packages install
into the former, which is standard practice for all Debian packages;
and if you do a vanilla "make install" from a source distribution,
it'll go into the latter.  WARNING: don't have YAZ installed in both
these places at once unless you know what you're doing: if they are
different versions, you might get complex surprises.

 > I have also installed Zebra in different locations at different
 > times, and it has worked fine in each case. (Being a relative
 > newcomer to Linux/Unix, I've never seen any advice about where one
 > should do these kinds of installs).

Same advice applies as for YAZ.  If you're using Debian or a
Debian-based operating system such as Ubuntu, you're probably best off
just using the Debian packages.

 > Finally, is pazpar2 sensitive to the directory you install it in? 

Same answer again!  (We try to be consistent.)

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