[Yazlist] marc8 to UTF8 conversion

Mike Taylor mike at indexdata.com
Thu Sep 4 14:12:58 CEST 2008

Lamon Jean-Pierre writes:
 > Hi Mike,
 > I'm really sorry. When I read my answer again, it looks actually
 > like an impolite one. Be sure it's not. I appreciate too much your
 > work and help. But I don't know how to describe my problem deeper.

No offence taken!

 > In an application, I'm using the Giannis Kosmas Delphi zoom interface to
 > yaz3.dll. 
 > I simply set an option to "render;charset=marc8,utf8".
 > After this CQL search, I'm using a standard Delphi function called
 > UTF8Decode() to decode the result in a readable form. It's the only
 > action I'm doing with the original chain, and I've never had problems
 > with that. And this function is ok when decoding with MarcCharset.dll
 > Notice that all others characters (arab, Chinese...) are ok. Even the
 > transliterated ones in this record. Only this Russian chain comes with
 > no blanks.

OK, I'd not appreciated that you weren't seeing this in YAZ Client to
start with.

However, since your upgrade seems to have solved the problem, I'm
going to leave it there.

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