[Yazlist] marc8 to UTF8 conversion

Lamon Jean-Pierre jpierre.lamon at mediatheque.ch
Thu Sep 4 08:39:42 CEST 2008

Hi all,


Could someone have a try retrieving this record from the LOC :


ISBN : 9785732009941


I'm getting some problems with the Russian string (don't know if it will looks ok in this message)


With Marccharset.dll marc8 to UTF8 conversion procedure :


Петербургский институт внешнеэкономических связей эономики и права


With YAZ : render;charset=marc8,utf8




I'm losing all spaces between words.


Another basic question : which component is doing this marc8 to utf8 conversion ? 


            Loc Z39.50 server?




Thanks for your help




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