[Yazlist] YAZ 3.0.16 available.

Adam Dickmeiss adam at indexdata.dk
Mon Nov 12 14:10:59 CET 2007

YAZ 3.0.16 is available. This release includes a new features + a few 
bug fixes (as usual).  Read ChangeLog part of the source to see all the 
things going on.. The short version is:

Added yaz_poll which is a wrapper for select/poll. When poll is 
available and non-buggy, it is used, by yaz_poll . This allows more than 
1024 sockets to be in use.

Added ICU wrapper library which exposes ICU http://www.icu-project.org/
functionality through an XML based configuration (ICU chain). This 
system is useful for search facilities such as Pazpar2 and Zebra that 
needs to perform tokenization of indexed material. The ICU code in a 
separate library libyaz3_icu.a.

Added HTTP tunnel facility for COMSTACK, bug #1752.
This is a facility that allows a Web proxy, such as squid, to tunnel
Z39.50 traffic. This facility is "transparent" to must applications
using YAZ. It's enabled by using pseudo transport connect: followed by
the proxy address, followed by command, then follwed by he regular
"virtual" addresss. For example,
connect:webproxy.com:3128,tcp:z3950.loc.gov:7090/voyager .

More MARC-8/UTF-8 conversion fixes. Bugs #1666, #1667, #1778.

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