[Yazlist] yaz_connect() Failure after Kubuntu Update

Currie, Larry lcurrie at calacademy.org
Thu Nov 8 00:13:57 CET 2007

We recently upgraded our Kubuntu system using its Updater function.  The
included packages made changes to PHP and YAZ.  The currently installed YAZ
package is version 3.0.14-1.  The PHP4-YAZ package is version 1:1.0.133-1.
No apparent package conflicts exist.  The new installed version of PHP is


YAZ is not listed in the phpinfo output.  The yaz_connect() function is no
longer recognized by PHP.  It was working fine prior to the upgrade.  The
extensions directory containing "yaz.so" was changed to
"/usr/lib/php5/20060613+lfs".  We have made the proper reference to it in the
php.ini file.  Can you suggest any possible reasons for the failure of YAZ to




Larry Currie


Lawrence Currie

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California Academy of Sciences

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San Francisco, CA 94103

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