[Yazlist] yaz-client with SRU servers

marc marc at indexdata.dk
Mon Mar 26 23:05:04 CEST 2007

Alan Darnell wrote:
> I'm trying to test an SRU server using the yaz-client but am not sure if 
> I'm using the right syntax because I'm getting the following error:
> $ yaz-client  http://services.oxfordjournals.org:4040/cgi/sru
> Connecting...OK.
> Z> find water
> Decoding of SRW package failed
> Elapsed: 0.804393
> Z>
> The SRU server supports CQL Level 0 and returns unqualified dublin 
> core.   It returns records when I access via a URL in a browser.
> Any ideas what might be wrong?

It looks like that
returns a sign-on HTML page, and not an SRU XML explain response as it 

You see that by surfing into the above adress by a web browser, or by 
running a search:

  yaz-client  http://services.oxfordjournals.org:4040/cgi/sru -a -
Z> sru get
Z> find water

Your browser might have some cookies set which contain a session ID or 
login credentials, but the simple yaz-client can not access this 
information, so it complains about a HTML response it does not know about.

Same if you surf into


with a web browser.

The response is certainly not SRU ... so yaz-client complains quite right.

Marc Cromme, Index Data

> Alan
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