[Yazlist] Retrieve information in a Z39.50 server

marc marc at indexdata.dk
Mon Mar 26 11:26:56 CEST 2007

Carlos Escuriola wrote:
> Hello, I'm making a final degree project in my University and I 
> "playing" with YAZ/PHP. I want to retrieve all the information of a 
> local Z39.50 server, store that I consider most important (autor, title, 
> ISBN, subjects) and then show it in my own way. The problem is that I 
> don't know if is possible to retrieve all the information of a Z39.50 
> without making a lot of individual searching. Exists any php script to 
> get all this information in a only (or few) step?

No. Z39.50 or SRU is not meant to copy entire collections, it's meant to 
search  a specific small sample of records having your interest.

Many server administrators would not even like to be copied ..

If you need copying, you have to look at other protocols, like OAI for 

Marc Cromme, Index Data

> Thanks a lot.
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