[Yazlist] libyaz3

Ko van der Sloot Ko.vanderSloot at uvt.nl
Wed Mar 21 15:59:33 CET 2007

Adam Dickmeiss wrote:
> We are making a new major so version of YAZ' shared library.
> When we are changing the .so major version we are "free to" change both
> API and binary layout.
> If anybody have things they would like to change in a more radical, let
> us know. It's also good to get suggestions like that anyway.. But it's
> better to do it now than later.

One of the things that crosses my mind is Z_SRW_explainResponse
This struct contains another struct: Z_SRW_record
I would suggest making this a pointer. This wil make
Z_SRW_explainResponse invariant with respect to changes in Z_SRW_record
(as might be handy to add a RecordId Field)

Maybe the same argument yields for other structs-within-strucs as well.

> Note that libyaz3 does not mean YAZ 3. At least that's what not I
> personally have in mind. The "official" version name is a more branding
> than anything else. And they certainly don't have to be the same.

This might be confusing. Why not take a big leap ;)

> / Adam

Ko van der Sloot
Tilburg University

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