[Yazlist] More on ESC sequence problem

Gary Anderson ganderson at bslw.com
Wed Mar 21 04:45:47 CET 2007

I've done some debugging of the problem I mentioned.  The in and out 
data strings are shown below:

E8 87 BA  E7 81 A3  E5 9C B0  E5 8D 80  E5 9C 8B  E6 B0 91  E6 89 80  E5 
BE 97.

YAZ correctly translates this string to (output in MARC8, hex, ignore 

1B  28  42  21 54 2B  21 49 43  21 37 79  21 34 55  21 37 6f  21 46 4d  
21 3F 75  21 30 6A
esc  $    1

In handling each of these input triples, the library follows this path:

lookup_marc8 - this process sets the page_chr string to <ESC>$1 - 
correct for EACC

The problem is that the last triple also returns <ESC>$1 as the 
page_chr, and since this is the value already stored in 
cd->write_marc8_page_chr from the first ESC sequence written out, the 
ESC sequence is never properly closed.  I noticed that the last flag is 
correctly set to 1 as the last triple is being converted, but the last 
flag seems to have no influence on resetting the page character back to 
ASCII.  I'm wondering if I received all of the patch.

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