[Yazlist] SRW namespace

Adam Dickmeiss adam at indexdata.dk
Sat Mar 17 10:05:02 CET 2007

Ko van der Sloot wrote:
> Chalmers, David wrote:
>> Dear Yazlist,
>> I am hoping to build XML gateway interfaces for several of our web
>> databases, and using YAZ Proxy on top of our Z39.50 servers is a very
>> elegant solution.
>> I wanted to change the namespace of the tagging generated by YAZ Proxy,
>> so that it used the "srw" namespace documented on
>> http://www.loc.gov/standards/sru/explain/index.html .  I picked up a
>> nice XSL template for formatting the Explain response into an HTML form
>> for testing my service, but the XSL templates assume the srw namespace.

What xsl templates would that be? Are you using a non-namespace aware 

If that's the case, we're in trouble. What would be the right prefix?

Maybe we should have an extra option for SRU, called

which would be the prefix included in the SRU response. But what about 
record NS's then?


> Maybe i'm confused, but shouldn't a XLS script be capable to proces XML
> regardless of such namespace prefixes?
> I mean:
> <zs:explainResponse xmlns:zs="http://www.loc.gov/zing/srw/">....
> should be equivalent to:
> <srw:explainResponse xmlns:srw="http://www.loc.gov/zing/srw/">....

Yes. The prefix name should not matter.

/ Adam

> or
> <whatever_i_have_here:explainResponse
> xmlns:whatever_i_have_here="http://www.loc.gov/zing/srw/">....
> Important is that the NAMES "http://www.loc.gov/zing/srw/" match
> just my 2 ¢
> Ko vd Sloot
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