[Yazlist] Conversion of subfield data to MARC8 where the subfield should end with an ESC sequence

Gary Anderson ganderson at bslw.com
Sat Mar 17 00:21:19 CET 2007

Per a prior email, I changed my code to not send field and subfield 
marks to the YAZ  conversion library.  However, this has created another 
problem.  If the last set of data in a subfield (or a field, for that 
matter) comes from the non-ASCII character set, YAZ correctly sets up 
the opening ESC sequence, but does not include the closing one in the 
conversion.  The following illustrates the problem:

Test string: above 50^0 ( where the degree symbol translates to a 
superscript zero)

If a subfield mark or field mark is not appended, this data translates as:

above 50<ECS>p0

The next character string to be translated then begins with the closing 
Escape sequence:

<ESC>3some new text string

If I put a marker at the end of the input string, the library will 
correctly translate as:

above 50<ECS>p0<ESC>3<subfield mark>

Is there a better way to make sure ESC sequences are correctly closed at 
the end of a translation string?

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