[Yazlist] Query with Relation

Lamon Jean-Pierre jpierre.lamon at mediatheque.ch
Mon Mar 5 13:12:33 CET 2007

It goes alongside the index specification.  Either
   @and @attr 1=4 "Switzerland" @attr 1=8112 @attr 2=5 "2006"
   @and @attr 1=4 "Switzerland" @attr 2=5 @attr 1=8112 "2006"
is fine: they are equivalent.

But where did you get access-point 8112 from?  I've never heard of
this before, and it's certainly not in the official BIB-1 list at:

Date of publication is usually BIB-1 attribute 31.  So:
   @and @attr 1=4 "Switzerland" @attr 1=31 @attr 2=5 "2006"
should do what you want.

[[JPL] : ] Nice. Thanks Mike. 8112 is a VTLS Virtua internal index. It's
also ok with 31.

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